Guava As Medicine

Guava (Psidium guajava) is a delecious fruit with medical efficacy. Commercially, world production of guava fruit is estimated at about 500,000 metric tons, with Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela producing significant quantities. Processed guava products include beverages, cheese, ice cream, jams, jellies, juice, syrup, toffee, wine, and dehydrated and canned products.

Guava is known to have antiamebic, antibiotic, antidiarrheic, antihyperglycemic, antimutagenic, antispasmodic, and sedative effects, as well as anticough and narcotic-like activities of the plant species.

Medicine for diarrhea:

Guava leaves have antidiarrheic property. Quercetin present in guava affects smooth muscle fibers as a calcium antagonist, inhibits intestinal movement, and reduces capillary permeability in the abdominal cavity.

Take a handful of fresh guava leaves and rinse them in clean water. Chop the leaves. Boil them in about two cups of water with a pinch of salt, strain and cool. You can keep the leaves in the water for hours ahead of drinking. The medicine is stronger if the leaves are allowed to soak into the tea for several hours. Drink half a cup every three hours as needed for diarrhea. This will slow the diarrhea down and give you more energy.

Medicine for constipation:
Ripe guava can be eaten when you are constipated to help you have a bowel movement.

Medicine for toothache:
When you have a toothache or painful gums, you can place washed leaves in your mouth on the sore spot. Chew the leaf a little bit to release the medicine into the painful tooth or gum.

Medicine for Cataracts:
Quercetin which is an antioxidant that blocks enzymes that are responsible for building sorbitol, the sugar that forms the cloudy white clusters that cause cataracts.

Other Medicinal uses:
Guava leaves decoction is recognized for its effectiveness to cure several ailments, including the treatment of uterine hemorrhage, swollenness of the legs and other parts of the body, of chronic diarrhea, and gastroenteritis, among others. The most common use of the leaves is for cleaning and disinfecting wounds by rinsing the afflicted area with a decoction of the leaves. In the same way, such leaves are being used to aid in the treatment of dysentery and the inflammation of the kidneys. The bark and leaves can be used as astringent. It can also be used as a wash for uterine and vaginal problems, and is good for ulcers.

Glossary of article
Antiamebic (kills amoeba), Antibiotic (kills bacteria and other microbes), Antidiarrheic (cures diarrhea), Antihyperglycemic (cures high blood sugar), Antimutagenic (reduces the frequency of mutation), Antospasmodic (cures muscles spasms), Sedative (reduces irritability or excitement)

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Fashion Lead To Chinese Herbal Medicine Heat Up

Chinese herbal medicine as China’s cultural legacy, and always have a mysterious face. The herbs used to treat human disease, but also has a long history. One of the characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine, is the “Medicinal and Edible” and therefore, on the human body from eating conditioning is traditional. However, as time progresses, the function of Chinese herbal medicine has been developed further, the external use of more and more. From the earliest white ginseng, Radix hair to later, and the persistence of Chinese brands “Six God toilet water” in the six kinds of medicine, herbal beauty in fashion today is more prominent position in the area.

According to research statistics, the world herbal medicine sales has more than $ 16 billion and an annual 10 to 20% annually. L’Oreal, Shiseido and other international brands have been or are ready to start projects in China, Chinese herbal medicine, costly R & D Oriental herbal essence. The next few years, the major brands to increase research and development in this area has become the industry trends.

Countries use the case of herbal beauty salons

China has been using herbal beauty salon has always been a long time, pharmaceutical raw materials can be traced back to several thousand years ago. China’s ancient people thousands of years ago know that the use of internal or external use natural medicine to achieve the purpose of beauty, in the ancient record a lot in this area. However, the use of herbal skin care beauty hot is the rise in recent years, according to Fan, China alone is currently developing the use of herbal cosmetics reached more than 500 species. Today, Chinese herbal medicine can be described as China’s cosmetics market everywhere, from the “head” Let’s talk about, such as wrestlers Kampo, Rejoice ginseng, Herd and other brands, the body of God in terms of six shower gel and so on. As for the facial, ginseng, white fungus, pearls, angelica, Ganoderma lucidum, too numerous to mention.

However, interest in Chinese herbal medicine in other countries, especially Europe, but only a dozen years. Although Europe had a long “drug store” concept, but this “medicine” and the disease with the “medicine” is a hack away, and only refers to the “shops” sell cosmetics only. But with the further development of Chinese herbal medicine and promotion functions, European and American cosmetics also gradually joined the “medicine” concept, Glutathione mainly reflected the essence of natural plant extracts.

The difference is that Japan and Europe, due to Japan by Chinese cultural influence, itself in Japan, “Kampo” is an important therapeutic measures, therefore, in cosmetics, the use of Chinese herbal medicine on an early start, resveratrol and achieved very good results . In the 1990s, Japan’s research and development of Chinese herbal medicine is based on 20% of the annual growth rate of rapid development. Income in Japan has JCID (Japanese generic set of cosmetic raw material) has 114 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, herbal cosmetics companies for more than 200 species. Currently, Japan accounts for the natural cosmetics, herbal cosmetics market, 50% or more. Since Japan has the advantage of natural herbs, so in recent years, Japan to the United States, France, Italy and other advanced countries, herbal cosmetics exports increased year by year. For more in-depth study of herbal cosmetics, Japan Tsumura Juntendo Medicine Research Institute and the Chinese Ministry of Health signed a Chinese medicine and herbal pharmacology, and practical research protocols. Paula’s systematic study of China, “Taiwan Miyao,” and other medical classics, and joint research with Chinese herbs in cosmetics applications.

In addition, with the rise of the Korean economy, the entertainment industry and cosmetic industry has become a focus of world attention, so the South Korean cosmetics gradually “medicine” and advocates natural plant, natural beauty of the concept in recent years in China with Korean widely popular.

On the one hand is the traditional Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics and healthcare companies to start using the concept, on the other major pharmaceutical companies diversified product line, the drug extended to health and beauty products. In this dual aspect of weaving, and miscible in herbal beauty concept has gained recognition. The second half of 2007, China promulgated the “cosmetic label identifies management practices”, lists the prohibited words marked nearly a hundred, “herbal” as one of the medical terminology is also banned. So now we can hear is not “with Chinese herbal medicine” and as “natural plant essence” or “essence” and other words of. No matter what its name is, the real is the same, that is the traditional, Plant extracts ancient quintessence of modern life, survival for services, can serve well, is good “medicine” is “essence.”

Edegra-a Trustworthy Medicine

Edegra is the trustworthy medicine. Edegra is very good in quality and is manufactured as per the standard guidelines. Edegra manufacturers is not any substandard manufacturers as they is manufactured by those companies which manufacture the branded drugs. The leading manufacturers of Edegra is Ranbaxy, Cipla, Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, etc. These companies is even manufacturing the branded drugs. The reason behind these companies entering the market of Edegra was the market demand for the Edegra. Even the companies manufacturing the Edegra make a lot of profit by investing in the Edegra. Everywhere in the world there is a rise in the requirement of the Edegra. Edegra is the blessing to the customers who were not able to purchase the branded drugs because of the high prices.

Edegra is exactly the replica of the branded drugs that works similarly like the branded drugs. Edegra is perfect blend of drugs with excellent quality and lowest price. Edegra is manufactured as per the standard guidelines mentioned by the Food and Drug Association:
1. Edegra should contain the same active constituent as its branded counterpart.
2. The concentration of the active constituent in the branded drug should be followed by the generic drug.
3. The pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the Edegra should be same.
4. Edegra should show the same effect like the branded drug.
5. Edegra should take the same time as taken by the branded drug to show the effect.
6. The side effects of the Edegra should be exactly the same or less than branded drug.
7. The generic drug should not be of the same shape and color of the branded drug. So, that customer can distinguish between them.
8. Edegra manufacturer have to follow the safety measurements and standard guidelines for the manufacturing of the drug.

Only when the generic drug manufacturer follows all the above mentioned steps then he is allowed to sell his generic drug in the market. Additionally, the officials from the Food and Drug Administration visit the manufacturing unit to check the standard and the safety measures followed by the generic drug manufacturer. It is only after the approval of these officials that generic drug is allowed to be sold in the market. Sometimes, the FDA may even ask the generic drug manufacturer to undergo the clinical trials, if they is not happy with the quality of the product. Thus, no customer should concern about the safety and quality of the Edegra as they have to undergo many tests of quality and safety.

Edegra is having the best quality, but is available at very lower cost because generic drug manufacturer dont have to spend any money in research of the drug as it is previously done by branded drug manufacturer. Edegra is usually from the developing nations, so there currency value is less than Dollar, Pound, or Euro. So they is very cheaper in comparison to the branded drugs manufactured in developed countries. The advertising and marketing of the branded product is done on a large scale by the branded drug so generic drug manufacturer dont have to spend any money on these things. So, the Edegra is available at very low cost than the branded drugs.

Edegra is no way of inferior quality, as this the myth spread by the branded drug because they were losing the market hold. Edegra is digested in the same way like the branded drugs and show less side effects or no side effects at all. Edegra have proved it false that only high costs can give good quality because Edegra is giving customers the best quality at the lowest price. Thus, we can say Edegra as the trustworthy source of medicines.

nd Out If Holistic Medicine Is the Right Choice for You

There are many medical options available for people and finding out if holistic medicine in Sacramento, CA is right for you is a good way to discover some of your options. By doing a little research, you can make an informed decision that you can feel comfortable with. Opinions vary on this topic, so this article will address a few possible opinions that people might have.

There are certain illnesses and diseases that are treated with medication and various prescribed pills. Unfortunately, sometimes pills are not the best answer. There are doctors that believe in taking a different approach to major illnesses or sicknesses before prescribing medication.

Imagine if you could treat some illnesses using a more natural approach. This type of medicinal practice looks at the body in its entirety to try and find a solution to the problem, and not just treat the symptoms only. Sometimes pills and medication can just be a way to treat the symptoms.

There are many different opinions in regards to medication. While some people seek out natural remedies and healthy changes, others rely on the advice of doctors and people in the medical field to alleviate medical problems or issues that might come up.

Traditional medicine has a time and place in the medical community. If you wish to find out more information on how you might be able to find more natural remedies for your health problems, you can call or go online. There is a lot of information that can be found online that will help you make an informed decision.

Holistic medicine in Sacramento, CA takes a whole body approach to health. They look at the human body in its entirety and try to find solutions to health problems based on what is causing the symptoms, and not the symptoms alone. Choosing the right health care for you is a personal decision and must be dealt with according to your belief system.

At Raphael Medicine and Therapies, is an holistic medicine Sacramento, California providers are conventionally educated and licensed practitioners who have undertaken further training in the anthroposophic approach to medicine. (

What is the Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine

The anthroposophical approach to medicine explores spiritual insight and a human-centered approach to medical diagnosis and healing. This holistic approach to medicine explores the body’s relationship to the soul and spirit. Anthroposophic medicine is a form of complementary medicine that takes into account that human beings, nature, and the cosmos are interrelated.

This natural approach is ideal for those that are unsatisfied with traditional medicinal approaches and techniques, which can result in harmful side effects. When forced to rely on traditional medical practices, many people suffer from a medical dependency or are forced to deal with harmful additives that can worsen a condition or result in a number of other conditions. Anthroposophic remedies tend to consist of homeopathic herbs, nutritional supplements, music therapy, massage, and traditional therapy approaches that are safe and beneficial to patients.

This natural, effective form of medicine focuses on human health, as opposed to disease, which makes it ideal for relief of long-term and chronic conditions. Anthroposophical medicine is offered by trained medical doctors who specialize in the alternative medical approach. It is important to find an experienced specialist to ensure that you are getting medicinal care that you can count on.

The anthroposophical approach to medicine is based on Rudolf Steiner’s studies and utilizes traditional medicinal approaches, holistic medicinal approaches, and therapeutic modalities to provide the most comprehensive treatment. Many licensed medical doctors that utilize the anthroposophical approach to medicine also often utilize the assistance of counselors, hydro-therapists, and other experienced therapists to ensure that you are getting the best care possible.

About The Author:

At Raphael Medicine + Therapies, individuals can benefit from therapeutic modalities inspired by Rudolf Steiner. Anthroposophic Medical Providers are conventionally educated and licensed practitioners who have undertaken further training in the approach to anthroposophical medicine. (

Fundamental Advice About Natural Remedies and Medicine

The immune system can be an extremely effective ally or adversary, sometimes. If we pay attention to what our body has to reveal; we will not continue to consume meals that do not agree with us, use cosmetics that irritate our skin, or whatever is causing our body to react in some way. For those with allergy symptoms, life can be a big problem every day. We often need to take on doing our own researching and data gathering, as doctors simply cannot always find the solutions. I have found that alternative treatment experts are very helpful in sorting out the questions and answers you do not fully recognize. Holistic doctors can do allergy testing with various methods, which often work better than the conventional needle method. The accuracy is quite amazing, then they can offer treatments that are natural at the same time.

When we discuss about Blood and Cancers, it is a very large topic to cover. We offer facts on everything from Adenovirus and , B-cells, to Poisoning and Toxicity to Viral hemorrhagic fever. The Cancer section talks about Bladder Cancer to Skin Cancer and many more. Hypoglycemia is a popular blood sugar problem that responds well to diet management and careful tracking throughout the day. The new research shows many people have what is called “Pre-diabetic” conditions or warning signs due to the high sugar ingestion in our diets. These issues can throw the blood insulin ranges out of balance in our body causing in swings in the blood sugar levels. There are some tests obtainable to find out if you are at risk for diabetes or pre-diabetes, just ask your doctor to help you with this. This can be known as impaired glucose tolerance or IGT and is a precursor to diabetes type 2. IGT is classified by increased than normal blood sugar amounts and insulin resistance.

The term Impaired Glucose Tolerance was altered to Pre-Diabetes recently to emphasize the seriousness and inspire people to get suitable remedy. With early intervention and changes in lifestyle, pre-diabetes can be slowed down, prevented or reversed. Keep in mind that sugar can detrimentally influence the immune system which is our first line of attack to deal with invaders and germs. Surf this site for all the information you may require to make healthy lifestyle choices and stay away from all the sugar. We also offer information about Cancers concerning hazard factors, causes, signs and symptoms, analysis, issues, to integrative treatments and even avoidance. You may also find great tips and information in our Nutrition area for foods, herbs and pills, as well as vitamins and enzymes. Do not forget to browse our Lifestyle segment for more ideas on how to be proactive in looking after your own overall health and wellness.

Ear Infections can be a big problem for young children, but they often go along with hidden problems such as a cold, allergies, or upper respiratory infection. Adults may have these ear infections or earaches as well, but crying about the pain and stress is not usually an alternative! You can find lots of information about frequent symptoms, treatment and prevention in this section. We also have sources to inform yourself about Eye Conditions that you may be dealing with. Everything from Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinopathy, and Retinoblastoma. Pinkeye could be a common youth problem that is very contagious; but adults suffer as well. Since pinkeye can be caused by an allergic response, contact to irritants or chemicals as well as infection; adults are just as very likely to encounter it. When we talk about issues in the Sinuses category, we run into a big one for many adults; Sinusitis. Some adults go through this as pressure around the eyes and cheekbones or even head pain resulting from difficulty in respiration. The many symptoms include: thick sinus drainage, plugged-up nose, cough, continual exhaustion, swollen eyelids, and even neck pain. Some natural remedies have been useful in reducing inflammation such as Bromelain supplements and nasal irrigation.

You can find many pages of helpful data for how to protect or treat issues with the eyes, ears, nasal area and throat in this section. Our data is evidence-based from certified and accredited providers who practice Holistic medicine. All natural medicine treats the whole person; body, mind and spirit. A growing number of people are turning to holistic or integrative remedies; using alternative medicine treatments such as therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and natural remedies.

Find out if natural remedies can work for you. Consult with a physician prior to using any natural medicine to ensure safety and overall wellness to your health.

Bathroom Organizing The Medicine Cabinet

When people think of bathrooms they don’t usually think of medicine cabinets however there are few bathrooms that don’t have one. While everyone knows that they’re there, medicine cabinets fall by the wayside in bathrooms because things like toilets, sinks, and showers often take center stage. Medicine cabinets however can be extremely useful when utilized properly.

Medicine cabinets can be used to store not only medicines but things like hair brushes, toothbrushes, hair ties, curling irons, and a multitude of other things one would find in a bathroom. Not all medicine cabinets however are created equal and the majority of them are just deep enough to house several things. There are those medicine cabinets however that are both built from scratch and expanded upon to be much more accommodating for items.

Ample storage in bathrooms is often a concern and a headache for homeowners. Having a bathroom completely remodeled can cost a small fortune if the homeowner wants it done properly and so, many frugal homeowners often turn to having their medicine cabinets either enlarged or have a new one built and put in all together. Doing either allows homeowners to store not only small toiletries and knickknacks in the bathroom but will and also allow them to store things like toilet paper, baby wipes, and in some cases even towels or washcloths in their cabinet.

Having a medicine cabinet enlarged or having a new larger one installed is a simple process and an affordable one as well. Homeowners should look for and hire a professional contractor that not only has ample experience in construction but one that knows or is familiar with interior design as well. Such a contractor will not only be able to ensure that installation is completed properly but can also advise homeowners whether to expand on an existing medicine cabinet or to have a new one put in. Moreover they might also recommend that a new medicine cabinet be put in in a new location so that it’s more convenient and eye-catching.

Homeowners with large medicine cabinets will find that storage issues in the bathroom tend to disappear. A medicine cabinet can help homeowners keep items in a bathroom organized and out of sight when necessary. There are even lockable medicine cabinets for those homeowners who want us to take privacy up a notch. Keeping nosy guests from peering into that space on their way in or out of their bathrooms is a concern for many homeowners. No matter what type of improvement a homeowner makes to their medicine cabinet, they’ll be happy having had it done.

New Found Of Chinese Herbal Medicine In Treating Blood Diseases And Cancer

Beijing cancer research group in China recently has found that the peanut root is rich in anti-cancer substance resveratrol. And its content is 300 times that of grape skin. Not only does it have a role in prevention of cardiovascular disease. If it has reasonable compatibility with other drugs, its anticancer activity is three times that the traditional anti-cancer drugs. Resveratrol extracting from the peanut root has the dual effect of dispelling evil but does not to hurt the positive and tonic but does not help the evil. It can significantly reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Clinical observation on 396 cases of cancer patients finds that the total efficiency is 98.7%. The study also found that resveratrol is a new anti-aging medicine.
Chinese researchers found that specific anti-cancer drugs spider venom in Australia for the first time, the medical profession in the world caused a sensation, and spider venom through the effective inhibition of telomerase split and destroy cancer cells living environment play a role in cancer. Recently, they in turn spider venom and resveratrol in combination in the treatment of a variety of advanced malignancies in patients with good clinical effect.
At the same time, the research group in the treatment of blood diseases, there has been a new breakthrough: the use of traditional Chinese medicine to Panlong seven and snake renal aplastic anemia, leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, multiple milkman, malignant lymphoma, hemolytic anemia, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, bone marrow fibrosis in a variety of blood diseases. According to the different diseases dialectical therapy, they received a good clinical effect.
Animal experiments show that Panlongqis inhibition rate on S180 and S180 WK is about 64%. The inhibition rate is 63% for S37. It is greater than 85%for the WK256 melanoma and leukemia Z615. Snake kidney has the function of nourishing. The kidneys play a different medical efficacy due to different glutathione medicine or temperature. So strict control of medicine time and temperature can play the role of kidney marrow hematopoietic. Different blood diseases dialectical therapy made a good clinical effect. Though the treatment of 487 cases of different blood patients, 387 cases are complete remission and the partial remission is about 96 cases. The total efficiency is 99.1%.

Fort Lauderdale Sports Medicine Doctor For Treatment And Prevention Of Injuries

The young and not so young people are often involved in sports of the area and make the people of the area proud with their winning. There are different sports but most of these sports are active ones where one needs to be completely fit and capable. This certificate of fitness is given by a Fort Lauderdale sports medicine doctor who is a part of the team where this player belongs. The doctor is trained in sports medicines and he is good for treating all kinds of injuries that are acquired in the sports ground.

Doctors and the medicine centers The doctors are mostly trained in orthopedic field and are completing residency in any surgery center. There are non surgical sports medicine doctors who have been trained in the family practice center and these doctors start with the sports medicine after completing their respective training. The Fort Lauderdale sports medicine doctor is often a part of a sports medicine center that brings together specialists from various fields that can treat the patients who are in need of such treatment. The athletes need fast treatment after the right diagnosis. These centers where different doctors can be availed are just the right thing for any sports person. n.

Diagnosis and treatment for faster recovery The sports injury for a player can be serious for his team and the player wants to get the treatment done and get back to his team. The injuries often are the mild muscle injuries or tearing of the ligaments and bones fracture. The injuries need to be diagnosed fast and the fort lauderdale sports medicine doctorwho is trained in musculoskeletal medicine is the best one to diagnose the injury. The doctor must find out the cause of the injury and then help in correction of the injury faster so that the player can start playing on the field without any trace of injuries or pain.

The doctors for the sportsmen also prescribe some of the best exercise programs for the injured players and these programs can get them back to the field faster. The exercise programs can bring back the flexibility and the tone of the muscles that often goes flab during the long time rest and no activity. The overall health program can be started by the sportsman to be fit and start back performing on the field. The athletes also get personalized nutrition charts, fitness enhancement exercises and the programs that can bring back the strength of the sports person faster. These help in preventing themselves from further injuries too.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for fort lauderdale sports medicine clinic.